Completion of Couch25K – and beyond! My running story

Since my last blog post on Amateur Blog talking about Couch25K, I have since completed the program and added running into my weekly routine. Read this blog post to see how the completion of Couch25K went.

Completion of Couch25K

The second half of Couch25K consisted of road runs instead of running around the field. This added a new level of variety to the running sessions as it allowed us to go different routes.

For the first few weeks, my  knees suffered quite a bit as the impact of the tarmac was a lot more hard going than grass. Luckily within a few weeks this cleared up without major injury.

The runs consisted of a simple out and back route. So we ran out for half the distance, turned round and ran back to the start. I think this helped me psychologically to complete each run, as on the way back when I started to lack energy, it was easier to comprehend the end of the run.

At the end of the 12 week Couch25K program, we graduated by all running a Parkrun together. I will write more about my first ever park run in a future blog. For those of you unaware of Parkrun, they organise completely free 5k runs within the local comunity. They are great events suited to both complete beginners and professionals.

Since my Completion of Couch25K

Since I have completed my Couch25K program, I have tried to keep running in my weekly exercise regime. Looking back now, I cannot believe how far I have come since I started.

Distance Building Runs

At least once a week I try to do a run pushing myself distance wise. I am currently at the 8km mark with the hope of doing my first timed 10km run in a couple of weeks times. Each week I try to increase the pace a bit until I feel comfortable running that distance, then I increase the total distance.

Hilly Runs

Every once in a while, especially when I hate myself, I try to do a hilly run. My aim for these runs is to be about 5km in length and include three or four large hills. These runs help to build up my stamina and leg muscles which I feel help me on my normal runs. I can’t describe the feeling of the first time you manage to run all the way up a hill that you have failed several times before.

Strava - Hilly Profile - Amateur Blog Run

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