Cycling Turbo Training – World Class Warm Up

Warm up before exercising!

From just finishing my second winter of turbo sessions, I have had the necessity of a good warm up drilled into me from day one. This blog post I am dedicating to what my cycling club call the ‘World Class Warm Up’. This blog follows on from my brief introduction to turbo training blog.

I will start with a brief explanation as to why this routine is referred to as ‘World Class’. It provides a combination of gentle cycling building up to higher intensity endurance and then sprints. The endurance stage helps to raise your pulse rate and get you breathing with the sprints helping to wake up your muscles.

The table below shows the timing for each phase of the warm up. I will go into more detail afterwards. Over the next few weeks I plan on recording some tutorial videos and will update the blog post to contain these.

Table showing the time frames for the World Class Warm Up

Steady Pedalling:

The Steady Pedalling Phase is essential to ease into the exercise session. It it helpful if you have aches and pains from a previous workout. The gear that you are in should mean that the current effort can be sustained for a long period of time. You should be able to speak easily during this phase.

Ramp up to Race Pace:

The Ramp up to Race Pace Phase allows you to gradually raise your heart rate. This is achieved by upping both the resistance and cadence. Seven minutes is a long time, so ramp up slowly. I generally do one gear every 30-45 seconds and increase my cadence over the last couple of minutes.

Race Pace:

The Race Pace Phase is to maintain the pace you get to for one minute only. This pace took me a while to work out correctly for me. It should be about 80% of your maximum effort, so you can sustain it for a while, but probably not more than about 10-15 minutes.


By this point you will be smiling that the Recovery Phase has come along. Similar to the Steady Pedalling Phase, you want to be in an easy gear and a low cadence. Use this time to get a drink and lower your heart rate. It is vitally important to keep pedalling in any Recovery Phase.


The warm up consists of three sprint phases. The aim for this is to get your cadence as high as possible as quickly as possible. Make sure you are in a suitable gear to begin with and step up during the sprint if necessary.

The End:

Well done! You have made it this far. The World Class Warm Up can be used if time is limited, to just get a quick session in. If not, feel free to continue your exercise session now. Over the next few weeks I plan to create some more blog posts to give some inspiration as to what the session can include.

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